Student Information System (MISTAR)

RESA Instructional Technology provides a student information system. The system is fully supported and provides complete district wide reporting and is fully compliant with state requirements.

This student information system contains many components including demographics, scheduling, grade reporting, attendance, graduation requirements, medical records, point of sale food services, special education IEP, Medicaid service tracker, parent connection, student connection, etc. It also features a Teacher Grade Book component that can replace the teacher manual grade book by calculating student grades (averages, curves or weighted averages), based on assessments, homework, projects, and/or other district or teacher specified criteria.

RESA's SIS provides the best district-wide solution for student information administration. A wide selection of modules lets you build an integrated system ideally suited to your specific situation. Each module is engineered to forge the communication links that can turn your existing data processing investment into a more cost-effective administrative tool.


Integration - The technology allows integration with a wide variety of other applications and systems. Integration also means complete district aggregation of information. Database replication provides integration within your organization.

Student Information System Modules

Some of the student application modules maintained and utilized are:

  • Attendance
  • Curriculum Management
  • Demographic Records
  • District / Building Records
  • Food Services
  • Grade Reporting
  • Immunizations
  • Progress Notification
  • Scheduling
  • State Reporting
  • Student Body Accounting
  • Testing
  • Transportation
  • Parent Connection
  • Special Education IEP
  • Medicaid Service Tracker

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Software Upgrades and Releases

A login ID and password are needed to access software installations. If you need assistance with an ID, please call your content consultant at 734-334-1353. 

Software Installs and Updates
Software Release Notes



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Application Support Technician
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Application Data Analyst
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Student Application Business Analyst
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