Polyplot Mapping System

A common goal in school districts is to transport students safely and efficiently while maintaining quality service. The Polyplot© Mapping System provides a unique and powerful tool designed for school districts to analyze student information interactively and graphically.

Polyplot© provides a broad range of formats for displaying school district information. The transportation office can develop and maintain complete, detailed route schedule information. For school district administrative planning, Polyplot© can be used in building/classroom utilization studies, boundary analysis, voting precinct information or any other map-oriented study.

Implemented in over 110 districts throughout Michigan..

Program Features for Routing

  • Variety of graphic display formats
  • Flexible map presentation—any map view can be shown from 50 feet to 50 miles.
  • Comprehensive student selection criteria , including school, grade, ethnic code, busing eligibility, regular and/or special ed. students, and student eligibility
  • Route schedule time graph analysis
  • Detailed route/run/bus stop development tools
  • Special education needs i.e., door-to-door service, individual student impairments and equipment requirements
  • School Sets easily created to accommodate the need for bus stops and runs common to more than one school.
  • Simulate proposed stop assignments for evaluation and feasibility

Build and store customized boundaries (polygons) for:

  • Redistricting
  • Identifying at-risk areas
  • Millage and bond proposal information
  • Quick graphical location of student home
  • Interactive visual student database
  • Defining bus eligibility (walkout zones) with instantaneous graphical response
  • Custom reporting options based on processed information inside or outside of polygon

Complete reporting facility

  • Geographic information
  • GEO file verification
  • Stop assignments
  • Bus stop times
  • Student information
  • Student eligibility to ride
  • Bus postcard
  • School information
  • Student/GEO street names
  • Driver instructions
  • Export into third-party reporting programs

Components of Polyplot© Mapping System:

  • Polyplot, the general mapping program
  • GEO Coding, digitized address program including address ranges, street segment, road types, one-way indicators, speed limit, etc. Update the map as your district develops.
  • Import/Export options are used to interface with other databases.

Training Schedule

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System Requirements

  •   Windows 7/10
  •   4G RAM
  •   3G Disk space
  •   1024 x 768 screen resolution
  •   17” Monitor