Frequently Asked Questions


FYI - There are many Q/A after each section in the Pupil Accounting Manual which might be helpful. 

Q:  A student is trying to enroll into our district from Honduras. They do not have a government ID or Michigan Drivers License, can we enroll an undocumented student?

A:  Yes, you can enroll the student as long as they have met the residency and age requirements and do not have a high school diploma.  Here is a link regarding undocumented, foreign  students. 

Q: What does 10/30 day mean?

A: This refers to a student who is absent on count day. If the student has an unexcused absence on count day, they have 10 school days to return to school in order to be claimed for FTE. If the student has an excused absence on count day, they have 30 calendar days to return to school in order to be claimed for FTE.

Q: If a homebound student receives appropriate service on count day would they be considered absent or present?  

A: When a student is homebound, they are marked absent in all classes they would normally attend at the school with the appropriate absence code identified by your district. The certified teacher's service log is used as the attendance piece since that would be viewed to make sure the required service was provided, along with other documentation, to receive an FTE. (All requirements can be found in Section 5D of the Pupil Accounting Manual). 

Q: A full schedule is six classes and the student takes five classes online and would like to take the other class at the school, in a traditional setting. Is this allowable?
A: Yes, this is allowable but remember the district must still provide the two-way weekly communication mentor log between the student and mentor for the online classes and have regular attendance for the bricks and mortar class.

Q: If a child will be age five after September 1, can the child enroll and attend kindergarten?
A: Yes, if the child will turn five between September 2 and December 1 of the current school year, the parent or legal guardian must notify the district in writing that he or she intends to enroll the child in kindergarten for that school year.