Transition Planning

Transition planning is a process used to assist your son or daughter with a disability in moving from the school into adult life.  It is a cooperative effort between the school, the student, the family and community agencies. Laws require transition planning for all students with a disability, beginning at the age of 16.

What's Happening!

Powerpoint DocumentTransition & the IEP – Review, Data Collection, & Updates - October 18, 2019​​​​​​​
PDF DocumentB-13 Data Collection, Updates and Discussion - April 12, 2019
PDF DocumentQuick Reference Guide: Using the SPP B-13 Transition IEP Checklist  - September 2019
PDF DocumentTips for Writing Measurable Postsecondary Goals - October 2018
PDF DocumentTips for Aligning Measurable Postsecondary Goals with Measurable IEP Goals - Auguest 2019
Powerpoint DocumentTransition Assessment - December 3, 2014 
Powerpoint DocumentMay 28, 2014 Clinic: Summary of Performance and the Exiting Student
Powerpoint DocumentSummary of Performance - December 3, 2014
Word DocumentSample Transition Services and Activities 
Word DocumentChart Transition Services and Activities Examples
PDF DocumentGuide To Transition Planning - October 2018

Transition Overview

PDF DocumentAge of Majority
Word Document Transition Areas 
Word Document Transition and IDEA 2004 Key Points

Individualized Education Program

PDF DocumentConsent to Invite Agency Representative
PDF DocumentWayne RESA Transition IEP Review Checklist - February 2019
Powerpoint Document IEP-EDP Alignment
Word Document PLAAFP Development and Checklist
Word Document Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
PDF DocumentQuick Reference Guide: Tips for Developing A Quality and Compliant Transition IEP
Word Document The Transition IEP:  Student Perspective
PDF DocumentTransition Plan Attachment 2019
PDF DocumentTransition Plan Instructions 2019
PDF Document2019 SPP B13 Checklist  

Transition Assessment

PDF DocumentAge Appropriate Transition Assessment Article
PDF DocumentQuick Reference Guide: Transition Assessment
Powerpoint Document Transition Assessment and IDEA 2004

To sign up for the Wayne RESA Transition Planning listserv please email Larry Stemple.