Wayne RESA/REMC 20 is part of the Regional Educational Media Center (REMC) Association of Michigan, an organization committed to providing media and technology resources to Michigan's students and teachers. The REMC Association promotes the transformative use of technology and provides Michigan schools with access to educational resources to help teachers increase student success. For more information, visit, or connect with the REMC Association on social media at and

REMC Services and Projects

  • Discounted licensing and professional development for Discovery Streaming
  • 21Things Projects (includes 21 Things 4 Teachers and 21 Things 4 Students). Teachers can use the web versions or request Moodle versions for their local Moodle site.
  • Michigan Learns Online (Moodle Hub and Florida Virtual Courses Projects)
  • MI Streamnet
    MI Streamnet is a free educational streaming system offering live statewide workshops and training sessions to your desktop. Teachers and students alike can access enriched and enhanced educational experiences, and districts can also upload their own, locally produced content to share statewide. Wayne RESA manages MI Streamnet under advisory of the REMC Association.
  • $AVE Bid Project
    REMC $AVE (School Aggregated Volume for Education) project provides large volume bid prices on a variety of educational resources including computers, paper, and other school/classroom supplies and equipment. Through the REMC SAVE program, local schools in Michigan saved over $45 million in 2014. Wayne County schools can contact Steve Michael for more information or questions regarding the SAVE project ( ).
  • Connected Educator Series



Anupam Chugh
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Steve Michael
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Consultant, Library

Judy Bowling
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Consultant, Multi Media

Andy Henry
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Consultant, Television Production

William Heldmyer
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Consultant, Television Services

Jeff Gnagey
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Consultant, Web and Instructional Design

Mitchell Boldin
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Brenda Hose
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