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MLK Day and Black History Month

  • ReadWorksThe nonprofit ReadWorks creates free high-impact instructional materials and tools that are designed for immediate use within classrooms. ​Check out their Black History Month resources.
    Mr.Donn.Org-Resources for Martin Luther King Jr Day: Grades 3-High School - Includes resource links for background information, bulletin board ideas, worksheets and printables, a selection of lesson plans ranging from 3 grade through 12th, and mini units for 3 and 4th grade.
  • MLK Jr. Research & Education Institute at Standford - Speeches, sermons, letters, historic documents, and lesson plans focused on High School students.
  • Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility - Here's a selection of relevant teachable moment lessons appropriate for high school students, and in some cases middle school students. 
  • The Smithsonian: Black History Month - Each year, the Smithsonian honors Black History Month with a calendar full of events. Explore a selection of resources and activities relating to African Americans.
  • American History Explorer: Our Story - This site from the Smithsonian provides numerous activities and resources that can be searched by grade level or by historical ERA.
  • National Museum of African American History- The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a place where all Americans can learn about the richness and diversity of the African American experience. It has numerous resources for use by teachers in the classroom.
  • The Library of Congress: African American History Month - This guide presents the Library's resources, as well as links to external Web sites on African American History.
  • eThemes: Black History - These sites are about Black History Month. Learn about the contributions of African Americans in different fields. Includes quizzes, an interactive timeline, and other activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on the Negro baseball league, famous African Americans, the Emancipation Proclamation, the slave trade, and the Missouri Compromise. Some of these sites require a subscription.
  • The History Channel: Black History Month - Explore an interactive timeline of milestones throughout slavery and the civil rights movement. Try the History games too.
  • Teaching - This comprehensive list of resources comes from the National Clearinghouse on History Education. The resources are organized by grade span.
  • The MLK Jr National Memorial - It has a great video of what the monument  looks like and a history of the man, memorial, and movement,.
  • The Biography Channel: Black History - Take a crash course in black history. Check out the interactive timeline and test your knowledge in the games.
  • Teaching for Change: Building Social Justice in the Classroom-  Covers the larger context of the Civil Rights Movement and the long struggle for human rights and full democracy in the United States.
  • Teaching Hard History: American Slavery - Not sure how to support students in learning about our painful past and how it affects our present? This new initiative from Teaching Tolerance offers guidance educators and provides some very important guiding principles for teaching about slavery.
  • Teaching Tolerance- This includes a great article with links to the best MLK resources/lessons from Teaching Tolerance. They emphasize wanting to help classroom teachers teach “beyond the simplified story and help your students learn about this civil rights leader's life and legacy.”
  • The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American HistoryThis website provides an overview of the Museum's education and public programs, information on how to plan a visit, online teaching and learning materials, virtual tours of traveling exhibitions, online catalogs of the library and historical collections, and a calendar of exhibition schedules and educational programs.
  • Zinn Education Project-  The empowering potential of studying history is often lost in a textbook-driven trivial pursuit of names and dates. We believe that through taking a more engaging and more honest look at the past, we can help equip students — and all of us — with the analytical tools to make sense of and improve the world. Their website offers free, downloadable lessons and articles organized by theme, time period, and grade level.