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June 2020 Newsletter

In this issue of the EL Update, we provide thumbnail descriptions of the innovative professional learning opportunities the EL Team is developing in virtual format; Also presented are quick highlights of MDE's EL auto-exit initiative as well as a WIDA Timeline.

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JUNE 2020


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Opportunities for English Learners

As the school year comes to an end this week for many students and staff, our RESA EL team looks forward to assisting the Title III consortium address programming needs for fall. Despite all the challenges and uncertainties hovering over reopening schools, we are planning, preparing, and creating options to support our districts and PSAs as they welcome back ELs across Wayne County.

RESA EL Facilitators will be ready to provide face to face or virtual direct service to students, families, and support to general education teachers. RESA EL Consultants are creating a battery of virtual professional learning activities while continuing to provide coaching and consultation support.

We would like to thank our EL staff for their hard work and dedication to our English Learners in Wayne County during these unprecedented times. We want them to know that they are all appreciated.

This issue of the EL Update summarizes virtual professional learning activities in the final stages of development for a summer launch. The reader will find critical end of the year MDE information on auto-exiting proficient EL students, WIDA assessment timelines, and RESA’s very own link to the EL Padlet rich with vital resources to share with staff and families in your community. Please take the liberty of linking your webpage to our Padlet and use it to document your consortium connection to Wayne RESA, and the resources you provide to families. Please consider sharing your web resources so we may include them in the Padlet make it even more robust.

Stay safe, healthy and reach out if there is anything our team can contribute to your fall EL agenda for students and families.


Virtual Professional Learning

Wayne RESA EL Program professional learning activities will be conducted using synchronous and asynchronous formats, allowing educators flexibility to participate at a convenient time and location of their choosing. Here are some current and upcoming topics offered:


The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) is the only empirically validated model and the best instructional support for English learners (EL). In-person, intense SIOP training normally schedules for 2-5 days for a maximum of fifty participants. This creates a challenge for districts to enroll teachers and staff who work with EL students to attend. A virtual platform allows for a creative solution. The eSIOP four week course is divided into nine modules, three of which are synchronous (live) and the rest are asynchronous—done at your own pace. A variety of technology tools have been incorporated into the training to support classroom and remote learning for all learners. This course offers 9 SCECHs. Find the detailed agenda on this Wisdomwhere registration page.

SIOP Intro

This professional learning webinar introduces SIOP to educators and staff new to the model. The 2 hour virtual training is fully asynchronous. Included in the training design participants will find interactive activities, opportunities to complete the coursework at convenient times and be allowed to set their own pace. SIOP Intro provides school district staff an opportunity to become broadly familiar with the SIOP model components. SCECHs are offered and certificates are presented to participants upon completion. This webinar serves as a prerequisite for full-scale SIOP training.

SIOP for Pre-K ELs

The SIOP Model initially was developed and implemented to support K-12 ELs. In response to the growing number of EL preschoolers served by our districts, RESA consultants designed a SIOP for Early Childhood (EC) educators. This initiative will provide EC staff with developmentally appropriate SIOP training, both synchronous and asynchronous. The first phase of this training is scheduled to be included in the mini conference held for Wayne RESA’s Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) teaching teams in October 2020 and repeat in February 2021. Registration details will be forthcoming.

Language Acquisition and Disability Support for ELs

This virtual webinar is a collaborative effort between Wayne RESA EL and Special Education. This introductory workshop includes an overview of language acquisition and disabilities; guidance on collaboration between the Special Education and English Learner staff,  tools and creative ways of assessing students diverse needs and abilities. We encourage districts to create collaborative teams for this professional learning experience.


EL Auto Exiting 2019-20

English learners who completed the 2020 WIDA assessments and met the exiting criteria below will be auto-exited. MDE and CEPI will auto exit ELs in two rounds this summer (August 4th, 2020 and a tentative date later in August or early September). CEPI will insert an EL exit date (6/30/2020) into the student history record. Federal guidance is expected on the process for exiting ELs who were not offered an opportunity to complete the 2020 WIDA assessments.

Students scheduled for auto exit:

  • Grades 3 – 12
  • 2020 WIDA Proficient Scores:
    • WIDA ACCESS for ELLs with an overall scores of 4.8
    • WIDA Alternate ACCESS with an overall scores of P2

Students requiring manual exits:

  • Grades K-2
  • ELs that tested proficient on the WIDA ACCESS or WIDA Alternate ACCESS, including those who took either tests in another state
  • Students who were not reported as ELs this year, yet took the WIDA assessments and scored proficient

What else does the district need to do?

  • Generate a list of EL students in your district
  • Identify students meeting the exit criteria that tested out of state
  • Enter an exit date (June 30, 2020 or earlier) for exited ELs in local MISTAR to avoid error/warning messages from CEPI in next data collection
  • Manually re-enter exited ELs if they still need services and enter a re-entry date in MISTAR

MDE's EL Exit Reporting Guidelines


WIDA Timeline  

  • Friday, June 26. Deadline for Test Verification (all electronic and paper/pencil answer), Accountable Students, and Student Demographics in OEAA Secure Site.

  • Early August. Student Data File available in OEAA Secure Site (only Round 1 materials sent by May 6)

  • Tuesday, August 4. Reports posted to WIDA AMS (only Round 1 materials)

  • Friday, August 7. Deadline (Round 2) for returning WIDA ACCESS and WIDA Alternate ACCESS material to DRC. Directions for returning materials can be found in the April 9 Spotlight

  • Mid-September. Student Data File available in OEAA Secure Site and Reports posted to WIDA AMS (Round 1 and Round 2 materials)

  • Friday, October 16. Hard copy reports will be in districts (Round 1 and 2)

  • More detailed information on 2020 WIDA ACCESS in the Spotlight (14 MAY 2020)