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Wayne RESA/REMC 20 is part of the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan, an organization committed to providing media and technology resources to Michigan's students and teachers. The REMC Association promotes the transformative use of technology and provides Michigan schools with access to educational resources to help teachers increase student success. For more information, visit, or connect with the REMC Association on social media:

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REMC Services and Projects

Professional Learning

We provide educators with free instructor-led online courses and face-to-face events with the opportunity to earn free SCECHs. Learn more about professional learning opportunities on REMC.

Classroom Resources

Teachers can use these free resources consisting of technology skills curriculum, lesson plans, and activities to create high quality, engaging instructional environments, and provide access to the necessary skills, tools, and rich sources of information for students. Many of these resources have a companion Virtual Course providing detailed instruction led by a Michigan educator and 10 free SCECHs upon completion. Registration and SCECHs for all Virtual Courses are free.

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REMC Save (School Aggregated Volume for Education) project provides large volume bid prices on a variety of educational resources including computers, paper, and other school/classroom supplies and equipment. Through the REMC SAVE program, local schools in Michigan saved over $45 million in 2014.

Are you Wayne County school looking to save money on your educational resources? Contact us to found what you can save using the REMC Save program.

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MI Streamnet

MI Streamnet is a free educational streaming system offering live statewide workshops and training sessions to your desktop. Teachers and students alike can access enriched and enhanced educational experiences, and districts can also upload their own, locally produced content to share statewide. Wayne RESA manages MI Streamnet under advisory of the REMC Association. Contact Chris Slat for more information.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers exclusive content, channels, and instructional supports for your classroom. Through the REMC Association, schools receive a discounted rate on Discovery Education subscriptions.

Empower Teachers and Save Time with Ready-to-Use Lessons and Resources

Hundreds of ready-to-use instructional supports and student activities give teachers the support they need to bring Discovery Education content directly and easily into their lessons. These resources inspire curiosity around topics with student experiences, career paths, and self-contained lesson starters

Professional Learning NOW

A robust collection of microlearnings provide 3-5 minute personalized learning sessions that seamlessly fit into a teacher’s busy schedule.

For information about subscriptions and professional development, contact us.