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School Improvement

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Wayne RESA is committed to providing technical assistance and support to districts for continuous improvement. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.

Areas of Focus

With a focus on the whole child, systems thinking, and continuous improvement, we provide support and consultation in the following areas:

  • Diagnosing needs in support of educating the whole child (Where are we now?  Where do we need to go?)
  • Creating a high-quality plan that focuses on systems and supports  (How will we get there?)
  • Identifying how to use various funding streams and grants (How will we get there?)
  • Monitoring and evaluating implementation and impact of the plan  (How will we know?)

Professional Development


District/School Improvement, Partnership Districts, Statewide System of Support, Regional Assistance Grant

Markita Hall


Internal Operations

Jennifer Mokszycki

Support Staff

Kathryn Munoz

Stephanie Wigginton

District Liaisons/ Implementation Facilitators

Marvin Franklin

Nekeya Irby

Linda Kell

Alyn Moore

Kimberly Murphy

Russell Robinson

Sabrina Rudy

Roslyn Ruffin

Ashara Shepard-Lance

Kevin Siefker

Natalie Turner