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Independence Paraprofessionals




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Recommended Forms

These recommended forms have been developed to support district teams in identifying the students' needs and supporting the Independence Paraprofessional (IP) in effectively working with students that have moderate to severe disabilities.  Additionally, the forms are resources that support the district in moving through a process of identifying the students' needs and assist the team in developing a plan to support the student in being as independent as the student is able.  Independence is a focus in the utilization of Paraprofessionals for supporting the student.  As a result, it is important to utilize one paraprofessional to one student only in extreme situations.  Research supports that it is in the student's best interest that the school staff assigns multiple students to one paraprofessional. 

Determination Rubric

This form is a resource to support the staff in a discussion about the student’s level of severity, as well as, generate a comprehensive dialogue about the students’ needs.

IP Determination Rubric
IP Determination Worksheet

This form is designed to support the team through a process in determining if an IP is needed and what are the areas of concern that are affecting student access to the school curriculum and/or environment.  During this discussion, the team should also consider the amount of time that the IP is needed to support the student throughout the day.  The team should use this process and form to guide the discussion and planning annually. 

IP Determination Worksheet
Para Support Review Form

This form is designed to be a resource for the district team and is intended to facilitate a team discussion around the student’s progress.  This form supports the team though a process of developing a plan to address the student’s needs.  The process and form assists the team in determining what the IP needs to effectively support the student in the school environment and in developing independence.

IP Support Review Form

Para Support Review Meeting Module

Act 18 Funding

  • The IEP team decides the need for additional adult support.
  • Wayne RESA only determines if the student(s) meet the moderate to severe criteria for Act 18 IP funding reimbursement.
  • If the student does not meet Act 18 IP funding criteria, it is the district’s responsibility to fund the necessary support.

22-23 IP Cost Documentation and Reimbursement Timelines

Payments will be made in: December, April and August

  • June: 22-23 Allocations Assigned
  • August: Submission of Assurance Statement, Deployment Plan, and PD Needs
  • November: District completes and submits a Projected Salary and Benefits Cost Report
  • December: First of three payments will be distributed to district
  • April: District completes and submits an Updated Salary and Benefits Cost Report
  • May: Second of three payments distributed to the district
  • July: District completes and submits a Final Cost Report
  • August: The final and reconciled payment distributed to the district

The 2022-2023 District IP final cost reports will be due to WRESA on or before July 15, 2023. Reimbursement, up to the amount of the allocation identified in the notification, will be provided based on the actual cost of the approved IP FTE. 

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