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Personnel Approvals

Wayne RESA is responsible for maintaining personnel documentation related to the professional credentials of providers of special education programs and services employed by Wayne County school districts.  It is the district’s responsibility to ensure proper credentialing of the individuals they employ.

Special education placements must meet the qualifications outlined in the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education (MARSE). If a candidate does not meet MARSE qualifications, the district must request approval through the Michigan Online Education Certification System (MOECS).

How do I request approval through MOECS?

Infographic detailing the 5 step process to request approval from MOECS

Wayne RESA Personnel Inventory Special Education Professional Staff Form

Whether candidates meet the qualifications outlined in MARSE or are approved through MOECS, the Wayne RESA Personnel Inventory Special Education Professional Staff Form must be completed within 10 days of assignment.

When do I need to fill out the professional staff form?

  • Any time full-time or part-time professional special education staff (excludes paraprofessionals):
    • Are hired by the district
    • Change positions within the district
    • Leave the district
    • Retire from the district

How do I submit the professional staff form?

The new updated form can be completed via this Google Forms link.

What else?

In addition to the professional staff form, districts must send a copy of credentials to Please click here for a list of proper credentials for each position type.


Celeste Johnson

Special Education Consultant