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"I Can Learn" Statements

"I Can Learn" statements establish learning targets that can be understood by students and others involved in their education. Wayne County special education teachers have taken the Essential Elements and developed scaffolded "I Can Learn" statements that represent the range of modifications that may be needed by students with cognitive impairments. The "I Can Statements" help to communicate the student's access to the grade standards. Use the "I Can Learn" statements to engage students in knowing what they are working on in class. There will be many students who can use these statements to understand their progress. Teachers can use the "I Can Learn" Statements in instructional planning as objectives that support a student's progress toward learning goals in the IEP.

MATH "I Can Learn" Statements

READING "I Can Learn" Statements


WRITING "I Can Learn" Statements

LANGUAGE "I Can Learn" Statements

SPEAKING & LISTENING "I Can Learn" Statements