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Wayne RESA is a regional educational service agency that provides a broad spectrum of services and support to Wayne County's 33 school districts aimed at improving student achievement and maximizing economies of scale in staff development, purchasing, and administrative services. 

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Upcoming Events

November 16
6776 DPSCD PBIS Tier 2 Training
8:30 AM
Wayne RESA Annex Auditorium
6776 DPSCD PBIS Tier 2 Training
Nov 16
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Wayne RESA Annex Auditorium
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·         This training is designed specifically for DPSCD PBIS Coaches and identified school team members, as well as identified Exceptional Student Education staff members (School Social Work Supervisors, Behavior Specialists, and self-contained Teachers of the Emotionally Impaired).

·         Staff participating in the Tier 2 Training on November 16, 2018 will learn the following:

o   How to use data to identify students in their schools needing a Tier 2 intervention

o   How to design/customize the Check In/Check Out program for their school

o   How to collect and analyze data from the Check In/Check Out intervention

o   How to implement the Expect Respect Bully Prevention Program

·         In addition, there will be a brief review of PBIS Tier 1 evidence-based practices.

6722 SMART REP Workshop
9:30 AM
Wayne RESA Room 157
6722 SMART REP Workshop
Nov 16
9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Wayne RESA Room 157
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Worktime with Consultant Support.
November 19
6783 ASD for Administrators
9:00 AM
Wayne RESA Room 250A
6783 ASD for Administrators
Nov 19
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Wayne RESA Room 250A
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New Principals" Academy

Principal Network

Cancelled 6663 Measuring Impact with Illuminate DnA Data
9:00 AM
Wayne RESA Room 250C
6663 Measuring Impact with Illuminate DnA Data Cancelled
Nov 19
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Wayne RESA Room 250C
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Analyzing multiple data points is the most powerful way to make meaningful and impactful decisions with student data. Implementing a balanced assessment system and collecting purposeful evidence can provide district leadership with an organized view of data that can initiate great conversations about student learning. In this course, we will explore balanced assessment systems, data collection methods in DnA, data driven dialogue and how we can support districts to capture each child"s academic/non-academic "story" in order to better monitor and address needs for individuals and the district as a whole. The target audience for this session is educational leaders in each school or district.
November 20
6617 MISTAR Attendance
12:30 PM
Wayne RESA Room 203 (ITC)
6617 MISTAR Attendance
Nov 20
12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Wayne RESA Room 203 (ITC)
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Learn the applications in MISTAR’s Attendance menu including Class Attendance, Student Attendance, Mass Attendance, and Truancy Tracking. This hands-on session is for anyone who needs to know this area of the menu including how to take attendance for an individual student or an entire class, how to record mass attendance, and how to identify teachers who have not taken attendance. Everyone is welcome, regardless of role, including staff new to MISTAR.

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Local Districts

With a total population of approximately 1.8 million, Wayne County is the most populous county in the State of Michigan and the 18th most populous county in the nation. There are 33 school districts in 43 Wayne County communities serving approximately 226,000 students. Additionally, there are 108 Public School Academies (PSAs) serving 64,000 students for a combined total of approximately 290,000 students in public schools county-wide. .

Map of Wayne County Districts

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Early Childhood Resources

Our early childhood staff connect parents and service providers in Wayne County to resources and information.
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Family Assistance Resources

Helpful information and other assistance for your family's wellness.
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Freedom of Information Act

Procedures and guidelines manual.
>Freedom of Information Act Manual

School Accountability Scorecard

The latest update of the Michigan School Accountability Scorecards.
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School Year Recess Days

A list of extended recess days for the school year.
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Understanding Education Terms and Acronyms

What does NCLB stand for? What is pupil-teacher ratio? Look up often-used education terms through the links below.
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Wayne County Parent Advisory Comittee

Wayne RESA ensures the involvement of parents in special education through the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).
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