Wayne RESA's purchasing office endeavors to locate quality products and services for the schools and school districts located in Wayne County. Major activities center around three primary function areas: the Wayne RESA Electronic Purchasing System, Request for Proposal (RFP), and the Regional Educational Media Center Cooperative Acquisition Bid Program (REMC).

Wayne RESA electronic purchasing system 

Wayne RESA Electronic Purchasing System assists in coordinating the purchasing efforts of school districts by securing prices for a wide variety of materials and supplies that are commonly used by school districts and brings them together in an easy to use electronic system. 

Request for Proposal

This section lists the proposals currently out for bid. After the bids have been opened, evaluated, and awarded; a recap for the proposal is listed on the website for vendors and public information.  >More Information

REMC Bid Program 

The Regional Educational Media Center Cooperative Acquisition Bid Program (REMC) is a statewide program available to all schools in the State of Michigan. REMC sponsors bids in the following categories: Supplies for Office, Instructional, AV, Computer, and Library areas; Equipment and Peripherals; Paper; Software; and Computer Hardware & Network Electronics. >Visit REMC Bid Program website

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