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About Us

Wayne RESA is the Intermediate School District (ISD) for Wayne County, Michigan.

Wayne RESA is a regional educational service agency that offers a wide range of services and support to the 33 school districts and 97 public school academies in Wayne County. We provide personalized support that is essential to improving student achievement and advancing educational outcomes throughout Wayne County. Our comprehensive range of services includes professional development for educators, purchasing services, administrative support for school districts, and much more.


What is an ISD?

ISDs — which sometimes go by the name Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) or Educational Service Agency (ESA) — work with local school districts, the Michigan Department of Education, business and industry and community groups. Each ISD works with its local school districts to develop the mix of products and programs to maximize benefits for that area. ISDs increase cost savings for schools, expand educational opportunities, provide professional learning for teachers, and much more.

Visit the MAISA website to learn more about the value of Michigan ISDs

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In our pursuit of Leading Learning for All, it is our purpose and intention to co-create and support an equitable education system for all students and families in Wayne County.

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Local Districts/Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and Public School Academies (PSAs)

Wayne County, Michigan: By the Numbers

Updated 07/2023
Students who are economically disadvantaged
Students who are Multilingual Learners

Our Impact

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Professional Development

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Early Childhood

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Career Counseling

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District/School Continuous Improvement

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Special Education and Early Intervention

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Shared Operational Services

Read our latest Wayne County RESA Services Report to learn about our impact in Wayne County and greater Michigan.

Our Mission

Wayne RESA is committed to leadership through service and collaboration for excellence in teaching and learning for all.

Our Vision

Leading ... Learning for All.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe Leadership is the foundation of our organization
  • We believe Service is the core of our work
  • We believe Collaboration is essential to our success
  • We believe in the pursuit of Excellence

Wayne RESA Definitions

Our Services

MAISA: Michigan Associate of Intermediate School Administrators - Supporting Regional Education Service Agencies

Wayne RESA is a member of the following MAISA Leadership Networks

Early Childhood Administrators Network (ECAN)
General Education Leadership Network (GELN)
ISD PR Network - Intermediate School District Public Relations Network
Michigan Education Technology Leaders (METL)
Special Education Instructional Leadership Network (SEILN)
AdvancED Accredited from North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement
Wayne RESA is pleased to have earned accreditation, for all of its buildings and programs, through the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.