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Dr. Randy Liepa, Superintendent

Randy Liepa

Dr. Randy Liepa is currently the Superintendent of Wayne RESA.  He has held the position since 2015.

As Superintendent of Wayne RESA, he has led the organization in a variety of education initiatives.  They include:

  • Being actively involved in the study of a new school funding system through the School Finance Research Collaborative (SFRC).
  • Passing a regional enhancement millage, bring in $360 per student (over $70 million annually) to Wayne County local districts.
  • Working on the first Partnership Agreements for low performing schools with local districts and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).
  • Creating an intense support process for local school districts to support improvement of instruction.
  • Supporting the largest school system, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), through their debt relief and rebirth as a locally controlled school district.
  • Creating a Literacy Initiative with local superintendents, which has led to the creation of a Theory of Action and the implementation of instructional rounds in schools as a first tangible step.
  • Working on a variety of special education changes to meet our newest requirements under supervision.
  • Creating a unique support program where career counselors, hired at Wayne RESA, are working directly with senior high school students to assure they have a written plan of action after they leave high school, called the “Ready to Launch” program.
  • Revamping how Wayne RESA supports the 480 Great Start Readiness Program classrooms in Wayne County through direct classroom support and supervision to assure a quality program is in place.

Dr. Liepa has been involved in a number of professional state and community organizations including: President of the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators; the Board for the Metropolitan Bureau of Detroit, Michigan School Administrators Council, Wayne County School Superintendents Legislative Chair, Board of Directors for the Galileo Teacher Leader Consortium, Legislative Representative for the Michigan Superintendents Association and Vice-Chair of the Tri-County Alliance of Public Education.  In 2014, he was honored as the Region 9 Superintendent of the Year in Michigan as well as the Administrator of the Year for the Michigan PTSA. He has been interviewed as an expert on Michigan education through radio, TV and print media.

In addition, he has worked with major stakeholders in Metro Detroit and across the state, including the Detroit Regional Chamber, The Skillman Foundation, the School Finance Research Collaborative, Launch Michigan, the state Talent and Economic Development (TED) organization, the Coalition for Detroit Children, all state education organizations, local municipalities including the City of Detroit, Wayne county, MDE, the Governor’s office and others.

Dr. Liepa was formerly the Superintendent of the Livonia Public Schools from 2003 to 2015.  He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Michigan State University, an Educational Specialist and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hillsdale College.

Director's Team

Steve Ezikian

Deputy Superintendent, FOIA Coordinator

Dr. Daveda Colbert

Associate Superintendent, Educational Services

Karen Howey

Assistant Superintendent of Special Education and Early Interven

Kurt Rheaume

Executive Director of Information Technology Solutions

Michael Latvis

Executive Director of Legislative Affairs