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Regional Enhancement Millage

Wayne County Helping Wayne County

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Since the passage of Proposal A in 1994, school operating revenues come primarily from the state through a foundation grant allocated to each school on a per pupil basis. The only other avenue to generate additional operating revenues to meet student needs is through a Regional Enhancement Millage levied by an Intermediate School District (ISD) or Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA).

In order for an enhancement millage to be placed on a ballot, the boards of education for school districts representing a majority of the students within the region must pass identical resolutions asking the RESA (or ISD) board to do so.

100% of Funds Distributed to School Districts and PSAs

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By law, 100% of the revenues generated by an enhancement millage must be distributed to all of the local school districts and eligible public school academies within the county based on the most current student count.

Eligibility for public school academies is defined under the The Revised School Code (Act 451 of 1976).

Wayne RESA receives no funding from the enhancement millage.

How Districts and PSAs Use Enhancement Funds

Funds distributed from the revenue generated by the enhancement millage can be used for any legal purpose. Here are just some of the ways that Wayne County local school districts and eligible public school academies have used their disbursements to benefit students, teachers and administration since the millage was initiated in 2016.

For Students

Reduce Class Sizes

Enhance Student Wellness Services

Offer High-Quality Breakfast & Lunch

Improve Safety & Security

For Teachers

Hire Additional Teachers & Staff

Retain Substitute Teachers

Increase Teacher Salaries

Provide Professional Development

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For Administration

Stabilize District Budget

Update Technology & Instructional Materials

Maintain School Bus Fleet

Renovate & Maintain Facilities

Wayne County Regional Enhancement Millage History

First Millage
Nov 2020
Voters Renew Millage
Current Millage

The voters in Wayne County first approved an enhancement millage of 2 mills for 6 years in the November 2016 Election. This provided funding to the constituent school districts of Wayne County for the 2016-2017 fiscal year through the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Because of specific language in the state laws around elections, Wayne RESA is required to have its millage proposals in even years during August primaries or the November general election. Given those restrictions, Wayne RESA put the proposal of renewing the, 2 mill, 6 year enhancement millage on the ballot in November of 2020 and it passed. The renewed millage provides funding to the constituent school districts and public school academies in Wayne County for the 2022-2023 fiscal year through the 2027-2028 fiscal year.