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The Wayne County Association of School Boards (WCASB) is organized to facilitate and improve the cooperative efforts of all the board members from the 32 school districts in Wayne County. This purpose is advanced by discussion of common problems, research activities resulting in advisory recommendations, coordination of legislative activities, and by the fostering of a greater civic and school consciousness among the school districts of Wayne County.


The Board of Education of any public school district in Wayne County, including the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency Board of Education, may become a member of the Association on the payment of the current annual membership dues. Annual dues are assessed on a graduated scale determined by the number of teachers in each school district. Interested members should contact the WCASB President.

The Executive Board consists of fifteen (15) members with voting power, thirteen (13) of whom are elected by the Association from member boards, with no more than one member from any one board. The Board of Education of the School District of the City of Detroit is entitled to appoint one (1) of the fifteen (15) Executive Board members with voting power. The Board of Education of the Wayne County Regional Education Service Agency is entitled to appoint one (1) of the Fifteen (15) Executive Board members with voting power.

Wayne RESA, WCSSA, and any other constituent organization the Executive Board invites, may appoint a representative from said organization to the Board without voting power. Such an appointment must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board of the Association.

Board Members and Officers