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Sudha Addepalli

Applications Programmer

Marilyn Adolph

Director of Application Services

Terri Anderson

Part-Time English Learner Program Facilitator

Kimber Ardaiz

Human Resource Generalist

Mark Arquette

Application Database Analyst

Jeffrey Austin

Literacy Consultant

Richard Bacolor

Science Consultant

Melissa Baker

ASD Consultant

Melissa D. Baker

Application Support Technician

Mary Bamrick


Wilbur Barefoot

PT Technician - Field Services

Diane Barnes-Szabados

Application Support Technician

Gayla Bates


Danielle Bean Jackson

Career Counselor

Amy Bedner

Early Childhood Consultant

Laura Begley

Assistive Technology Consultant

Kimberly Bell

Field Service Technician - Business Services

Christina Benedict

Early Childhood Consultant

Sharon Black-Johnson

School Outreach Nurse

Garrid Blair

Technical Assistant

Paul Bobrowski

Database/System Architect

Kelly Bohl

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator

Dawn Bonam


Anna Bossidis

Accounting Supervisor

Mikki Boury

Business Services-Business Analyst