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Staff Directory

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Sudha Addepalli

Application Architect

Marilyn Adolph

Director of Application Services

Wanda Ajrouche

Special Education Consultant

Brandon Alexander

Senior Server/Network Analyst

Kimber Ardaiz

Human Resource Generalist

Mark Arquette

Application Database Analyst

Jeffrey Austin

Literacy Consultant

Richard Bacolor

Science Consultant

Melissa Baker

ASD Consultant

Melissa D Baker

Application Support Technician

Mary Bamrick

Administrative Assistant

Wilbur Barefoot

PT Technician - Field Services

Diane Barnes-Szabados

Application Support Technician

Danielle Bean Jackson

Career Counselor

Amy Bedner

Early Childhood Consultant

Laura Begley

Assistive Technology Consultant

Kimberly Bell

Field Service Technician - Business Services
Business Services

Christina Benedict

Early Childhood Consultant

Mona Berry

School Health Consultant

Sharon Black-Johnson

School Outreach Nurse

Garrid Blair

Technical Assistant

Paul Bobrowski

Database/System Architect

Kelly Bohl

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator, FOIA Coordinator

Dawn Bonam

Administrative Assistant - SEEIS

Anna Bossidis

Accounting Supervisor