About Us

Wayne RESA

Our Mission

Wayne RESA is committed to leadership through service and collaboration for excellence in teaching and learning for all.


Leading ... Learning for All


We believe Leadership is the foundation of our organization
We believe Service is the core of our work
We believe Collaboration is essential to our success
We believe in the pursuit of Excellence

About Us

Wayne RESA is a regional educational service agency that provides a broad spectrum of services and support to Wayne County's 33 school districts aimed at improving student achievement and maximizing economies of scale in staff development, purchasing, and administrative services.

Services range from curriculum consulting and staff development, helping districts maximize technology use in the classroom, software applications for district student and administrative services, group purchasing and more. 

Wayne RESA also provides state-mandated functions including pupil accounting and special education monitoring and compliance. We are the largest regional educational service agency in Michigan and among the largest in the nation. 

Our employees were asked to describe Wayne RESA in one word, see the results.