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VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access

Wayne RESA's VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides extra security to authorized users with a unique VPN userid and password to log in remotely through a secure connection to access district files.

To obtain a VPN userid, complete the request form supplied below, or contact your district technician for assistance. Once you have your VPN userid and password, you can log in from the website may need to install the VPN client on your computer if you are unable to access all of your applications/files using the website login. If this is the case, then you will need to download and install the VPN client software from the link below.

(PDF) VPN Access Request Form

Submit your VPN access form via fax to 734.334.1299 or via email to



Below are two links. The first is for Consortium members to implement our software installations. A login id and password are needed to access the software installations. If you need assistance with an id, please call your content consultant at 734-334-1353. The second link is for application software release notes.