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Any transcript request will be $15.00. Public school districts do not have to pay for transcript requests.

Please do not call our office for phone verification of student graduation, because we do not verify over the phone.  Thank you

Wayne RESA Only Holds Transcripts for the Following Schools:

  • Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy
  • Casa Richard Academy
  • Catherine Ferguson Academy
    We do not have any records for any Catherine Ferguson Academy students who graduated prior to 2010. The phone # that you need to call for those records at Detroit Public Schools is (313) 576-0090. Thank you. 
  • Charlotte Forten Academy
  • Detroit Midtown
  • Inkster Public Schools
  • Sankore Marine Emersion Academy

Please allow 14 business days to process your request

All other transcript requests should be made directly to the school district or the authorizing agency, in the case of a public school academy.

To request a transcript,  please select and submit the appropriate form:

  • Educational Request - (i.e. student, parent/guardian)
    Any transcript request will be $15.00. Public school districts do not have to pay for transcript requests.

  • Educational (3rd Party) Request - all educational agencies
    Any transcript request will be $15.00. Public school districts do not have to pay for transcript requests.

  • Non-Educational (3rd Party) Request - (i.e. employer, employment verification, background check, credit agencies, etc.).

Any 3rd Party Request needs to submit a 3rd Party Supplemental Authorization for Release of Records Form with their payment when they mail in their check or money order to process the request.

Any transcript request will be $15.00. Public school districts do not have to pay for transcript requests. Service fee must be submitted via postal mail before request will be processed. Please make payment payable to WRESA.

GED Requests

Orders can be place online at (URL) DiplomaSender. There is a $17.00 charge to conduct a search and if a record is found, the record can be sent through email or through the U.S. Mail.  Additional copies will incur a cost of $17.00 per copy.  When a record is requested, the individual will create an account and through their account will have access to their unofficial scores.

You can refer those seeking a copy of their transcript or a copy of their certificate to our (URL) State Website as well for guidance.

For further information you can call 1-888-906-4031 regarding GED’s.