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Wayne RESA Transportation is dedicated to the education and professional development of transportation staff.  We coordinate and facilitate a variety of services directed at assisting schools in safely operating their pupil transportation programs which include providing state mandated training and certification for their bus drivers.

The Transportation Department also provides consultation services, computer software and support for school bus routing, fleet management and driver certification programs.

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Trainings and Events

De-escalation And Active Shooter Training For Pupil Transportation Staff


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Wayne County RESA is pleased to host Tactical Encounters, Inc. This Michigan based group grew out of Tactical Encounters for Patrol Officers and was conceived by a group of SWAT Officers to provide first responders with the same basic tactics as SWAT personnel to be better prepared during dangerous encounters. Through instruction and demonstration, you will learn to use tools that will improve your chances of winning all encounters. This training is being offered to school transportation trainers, office staff, mechanics, drivers, and administrators.


For more information, contact:

Kelli Schultz

Transportation Consultant

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Location & Times

Wayne County RESA
Boyd Arthurs’ Auditorium
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
33500 Van Born - Wayne, Michigan

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Trainings and Events

Request for Duplicate Card

Prior to requesting a duplicate card, please attempt to retrieve your card from your employer (or prior employer) first. School Bus Safety Education Cards belong to the driver. Districts/Agencies cannot withhold cards from a driver.

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Kelli Schultz

Transportation Consultant