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ELDT Online Course

TAAM and Wayne RESA proud present Michigan's first fully online entry level bus driver training

Course Prerequisites & Curriculum

Michigan residents interested in becoming a licensed school bus driver should reach out to their local school districts or a certified training provider to start the process of obtaining their CDL and endorsements. The driver trainee and training provider must complete the necessary prerequisite steps with the Michigan Secretary of State to obtain a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) before the driver trainee can receive ELDT instruction.


  • You obtained your CLP on or after Feb. 7, 2022; or
  • You are adding endorsements on or after Feb. 7, 2022.

Once the driver trainee is ready to complete their ELDT theory instruction, they must be given an enrollment key and follow the steps below to enroll in the online course.

Michigan's First Online ELDT Course

Introductory Video for Michigan's First Fully Online ELDT Course

To address the statewide crisis of school bus driver shortages, Wayne RESA has partnered with the Training Agency Association of Michigan (TAAM) to launch a digital course to allow prospective new bus drivers to complete the theory portion of their Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) fully online.

With the theory course offered online, agencies will be able to offer behind-the-wheel instruction at whatever pace is convenient for them.
Fred Doelker, Driver Training Instructor

The 4-hour course meets newly defined Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards to enable drivers to obtain their Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), along with the Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements required to drive a school bus in the state of Michigan. Michigan and the FMCSA require both the ELDT theory and behind-the-wheel instruction be completed and certified by a training provider (or training providers) before driver trainees can schedule their road skills test.

Wayne RESA is now certified as a training provider to offer the theory portion of the ELDT instruction to every prospective driver in the state of Michigan. When driver trainees complete the online course, Wayne RESA will report the results directly to the FMCSA through the Training Provider Portal (TPR).

“With the theory course offered online, agencies will be able to offer behind-the-wheel instruction at whatever pace is convenient for them, and only be responsible for reporting that portion to the FMCSA,” says Fred Doelker, who’s been providing adult learning, traffic safety and driver education, including school bus, since 1978. “The online course offered by Wayne RESA offers high-quality commercial motor vehicle instruction by ensuring the topics meet state and federal standards, and it will help us get new Michigan commercial driver trainees safely on the road as quickly as possible. It’s a win-win.”

The course is available starting February 7, 2022 at 8:00AM EST, and will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with few periods of inaccessibility for website maintenance.

We are so proud to be able to offer this online course in service to our districts and families in Wayne County and across the state of Michigan.
Daveda Colbert, Wayne RESA Superintendent

February 7, 2022 is also the day that the new regulations of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), signed by President Obama in 2012, take effect. The regulations were delayed for 2 years by the FMCSA, which cited a system glitch with the secure reporting process.

“Wayne RESA’s commitment to ‘lead learning for all’ has never been limited to the important work we do for our Wayne County students, teachers, and administrators,” says Daveda Colbert, Superintendent of Wayne RESA. “We are uniquely suited to address the statewide shortage of bus drivers thanks to our longstanding relationship with TAAM, as well as our forward-thinking work of providing equal access to education through online and blended learning. We are so proud to be able to offer this online course in service to our districts and families in Wayne County and across the state of Michigan.”


The course was developed by the Training Agency Association of Michigan (TAAM), a statewide consortium of training agencies approved by the Michigan Department of Education to provide school bus safety education training to school bus drivers, and is Michigan’s first ever fully online ELDT course.

Training Agency Association of Michigan logo

The course curriculum meets the newly redefined federal standards set by Title 49, as well applicable Michigan State requirements to certify Class B Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers with the Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements.

The online entry level driver training theory course is proprietary, and the sharing of its content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. TAAM reserves all rights pertaining to the course content and CURRICULUM, including, but not limited to, course videos, quiz questions and answers.

Course Overview & Format

CDL Units
Endorsement Units
Ten-Question Quizzes
Course Videos
Hours to Complete

The course is comprised of 12 units, 8 for the theory covering the CDL Class B license, and 4 for the Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements. At the end of each unit is a 10-question quiz. The 17 videos and 12 quizzes can be completed in under 4 hours.

You may take the course in more than one session. However, you must complete a unit before exiting or you will have to start from the beginning of that unit when you resume.


At the end of each unit will be a quiz comprised of 10 true-or-false questions designed to test your understanding of the material covered in the unit.

The expectation is that you will be taking this course with no assistance from others.

a screenshot of a quiz question example

Sample quiz question

confirmation: once you submit, you will no longer be able to change your answers for this attempt.

After selecting your answers to the 10 questions, you will be able to submit your responses for instant grading.

You will not advance to the next unit until you answer 80% of the questions correctly. You must answer 80% of the questions correctly on the final quiz in order to complete the course.

If you do not score 80% or better on the first attempt of any quiz, you will be able to immediately make a second attempt. If you do not score 80% or better on your second attempt, you must repeat the whole unit before subsequent attempts of the quiz.

Your final score (80-100) will be reported to the FMCSA.

a screenshot of a successful quiz: Congratulations! You successfully scored 80% or better on the check for understanding.

Scoring 80% or better on a quiz will allow you to move on to the next unit.

Enroll in the Course

If you've already worked with your training provider to secure a CLP from the Michigan Secretary of State, and you're ready to take the online theory portion of the ELDT, you will need the following to register and enroll:

Full Legal Name
CLP/CDL License Number
CLP/CDL State of Licensure
Date of Birth
Supervisor Name
Supervisor Email
Enrollment Key*

*This key should have been provided to you by your supervisor.

Do not share your enrollment key with others.

The link at the bottom of this section will take you to the course page, but you are encouraged to read the following tutorial to help you get registered.

Course Registration Overview

Entry Level Driver Training view course button

On the course homepage, select View Course, and you will be taken to a new page where you can log in or create a new account. If this is your first time viewing the course, you must register a new account.

required form fields: username, password, email address, first name, surname, license number, state of licensure, birthday

Next, fill out the required form fields to create an account.

Please be sure to enter your information accurately, double-checking before finalizing your registration.

Invalid or inaccurate information will delay the process of obtaining your Commercial Driver's License.

enroll with key; enrollment key field - you should have received this enrollment key from your TAAM agency

Finally, you will be prompted to enter your enrollment key. You should have received this key from your supervisor, who received it from the TAAM agency servicing your county or municipality.

Once the key is entered and you press the enrol me button, you will have full access to the course.

You can complete the course at your own pace. You even can log out and log back in at a later date to resume the course.

The course is located at

Support for the Course

For difficulties with enrollment, course access, and questions related to course content, please send an email to to generate a support ticket.

Support agents are generally available Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm ET.

For questions about course prerequisites, such as obtaining your CLP or locating your enrollment key, please contact your supervisor.

Support agents cannot help you with course prerequisites.

If you require assistance to complete the course, such as having the material provided to you in an alternative format, please send an email to or contact one of the phone numbers listed below.


Kelli Schultz

Transportation Consultant