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Financial Aid & Scholarships

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A well-curated resource page for financial aid and scholarships is a crucial tool for students navigating college, post-secondary, and career tech paths. This resource not only empowers students with valuable information but also plays a pivotal role in alleviating financial barriers, ensuring that individuals can pursue their education and career goals without undue financial strain.

Additional Career Related Resources

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Career Exploration & Planning

These resources support individuals in exploring career opportunities and making informed decisions about their professional paths. The links and documentation here provide tools and resources for career searches, interactive tools for job seekers, guidance on navigating the job market, and information on financial aid options.

Postsecondary Navigation

The Wayne RESA Postsecondary Success Navigator helps provide navigational support for referred recent graduates of the Career Counseling initiative. Post secondary navigators empower alumni to build and pursue their unique career roadmap, develop resiliencies to cope with the challenges of transition, gain courage to advocate for themselves, and cultivate a network to support their goals.

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Contact the Wayne RESA Workforce Department

Krista McKinney-King

Director of Workforce Development, CTE, Adult Ed & Career Counseling

Danielle Bean Jackson

Career Counselor

Paul Carlin

Career Counselor

Christopher Ferrell

Career Counselor

Dena Greene

Career Counselor

Latanja Lilly

Career Counselor

Quan Neloms

Career Counselor

Lisa Sadikot

Career Counselor