Fleet Manager

Implemented in over 60 districts throughout Michigan.  Fleet Manager© is an office management system designed for a maintenance/repair facility. The system is designed to handle a wide variety of functions. The system will maintain fleet history, thus allowing the user to report on the cost to keep a vehicle on the road.

The system maintains all your pertinent maintenance information for quick and easy referencing. You will be able to track items such as equipment and inventory, fuel consumption, purchase history, cost accounting and maintenance service history.

Fleet Manager© , provides the following maintenance or repair facility features:

  • Vehicle/Equipment Information – Each record includes complete information for each vehicle including additional equipment, state-reporting information, cost, Work Order, Fuel, and Tire History.
  • Work orders – The work order component can perform with or without the Parts Inventory system. It tracks Maintenance, Repairs, Parts Used, Outside Repairs, and Labor costs associated with Work Orders.
  • Parts Inventory System – Users have the option to maintain a complete inventory system. Fleet Manager© has all the functionality necessary for tracking inventory levels and adjusting quantities as parts are used or received.
  • Fuel usage – Maintain fuel consumption daily or weekly. Calculate MPG with the click of the mouse. Monitor fuel tank levels with optional low fuel warning. Custom programming to interface with electronic fuel tracking systems is available.
  • Tires – The Tire component allows complete tracking of tire inventory from point of purchase.
  • Employee – The Employee component maintains information for employees as well as tracking Work Order history performed by each respective employee.
  • Vendor information – Maintain vendor information as well as history for vendor parts and vendor outside repairs.
  • Categories/Scheduling – Repair categories are user-defined and generally coincide with Parts classifications. Preventive Maintenance categories are also user-defined. User establishes PM categories and schedules for each vehicle/equipment type and Fleet Manager© will generate a PM schedule based on mileage/hours on vehicle.
  • Reports – over 50 standard reports, all of which can be customized by date, field, vehicle number, part number, etc.
  • Fleet Manager© has been endorsed by the State of Michigan, Department of Education for use in electronically reporting the SM4107 School Bus Inventory report.

System Operation

  • Colorful Windows technology
  • User-friendly Windows environment
  • Open Database Architecture
  • Many drop-down lists for users to select


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System Requirements


  • Windows XP
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 40MB Disk space
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • P266 Mhz Processor


  • Windows XP
  • 12 MB Ram
  • GIG Disk space
  • 024 x 768 screen resolution
  • 400 MHz Processor
  • 7" Monitor