Legislative Services

Wayne RESA works to promote those legislative issues important to and supported by Wayne County superintendents and school boards. Having a registered lobbyist agent working in Lansing with the 21 Representatives in the House and 7 Senators in the Senate, Wayne County concerns are voiced and positions are taken on education issues affecting our region.

Quick Guides are updated regularly giving a brief synopsis of bills currently before the House and/or Senate. Positions taken on proposed legislation are those determined by the Tri County Alliance. Quick guides will be published once the Legislature begins session.

Quick Guides

PDF DocumentQuick Guide to Educational Legislation - HOUSE BILLS

PDF DocumentQuick Guide to Educational Legislation - SENATE BILLS

The Revised School Code

PDF DocumentThe Revised School Code - Act 451 of 1976

Enrolled Bills 

Educational Legislation 2017-18

Educational Legislation 2015-2016        

Educational Legislation 2014-2015

Wayne County Legislators

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Kathleen Cummins Merry
Executive Director - Legislative Affairs, Medicaid
(734) 334-1820