Medicaid Reimbursement

The program's purpose is to assure that Medicaid eligible children and teenagers, who are special-education certified, receive needed health care.  Wayne RESA is the Medicaid provider under which all claims are made.

The School Based Services program is divided into two very distinct segments:

The Cost-Based Reimbursement (Fee-for-Service) Program

Receives partial reimbursement for providing health-related services to students through age 21 with special needs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 

The Administrative Outreach Program

Receives partial reimbursement for the administrative costs to identify and help students who are considered "at risk" for various health problems.

Kathleen Cummins Merry
Executive Director - Legislative Affairs, Medicaid
(734) 334-1820
Leanne Smith
Assistant, Internal Operations
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Tia Williams
Special Programs Consultant
(734) 334-1397

Medicaid Help Line
(734) 334-1821

Office Hours
7:30 am-4:00 pm

(734) 334-1824

To help a student or family apply for Medicaid in Wayne County, call your local Department of Health and Human Services Office.