Department of Health and Human Services

We are not a Medicaid agency, nor are we affiliated with the State of Michigan or their Department of Health and Human Services, so we cannot assist residents with questions or issues regarding Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, coverage or paperwork.

If you need information or assistance with Medicaid (or other social services), start with the Department of Health and Human Services office.  Follow this link, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website and select the "Assistance " link on the top left side of the screen.

OR you can call the Department of Health & Human Services Customer Service line at 1-855-275-6424

OR you can now go to the "Helping Hand"  

OR, if you do not have access to a computer you may call Michigan's Social Services Hotline:  211.

For a list of Wayne County offices, please click on this link:

"Wayne County Department of Human Services"

Outside Resources: The Affordable Care Act

Use the link below to access the HealthCare.Gov website and learn about the Affordable Care Act and resources that are available for your family:



Kathleen Cummins Merry
Executive Director - Legislative Affairs, Medicaid
(734) 334-1820
Leanne Smith
Assistant, Internal Operations
(734) 334-1464
Tia Williams
Special Programs Consultant
(734) 334-1397

Medicaid Help Line
(734) 334-1821

Office Hours
7:30 am-4:00 pm

(734) 334-1824

To help a student or family apply for Medicaid in Wayne County, call your local Department of Health and Human Services Office.