Specialized Transportation

Specialized Transportation services include transport to and from the student's pick-up and drop-off site where Health-Related services are provided. Your district qualifies for partial reimbursement of these services when:

  • The need for special transportation services is identified in the students active IEP.

  • Students are transported by:  Special Education Buses, Adapted Buses, Taxi Cabs or Family Vehicles. 

  • Transportation logs identify actual trips (logs that only identify vehicle stops do not qualify for Medicaid reporting).

  • The trips to/from student pick-up and drop-off sites where school-based services are provided are reported in MISTAR Transportation.

Additional taxi/family vehicle reimbursement requirements include:

  1. Tracking and reporting the total number of one-way special education taxi/family trips annually. 

  2. Identifying the need for taxi/family vehicle service in student  IEPs, if the need is not included in the IEP, student files should include a business office or medical statement supporting the financial or medical need for these services. 

For audit purposes, please keep the documentation required for trip logs, taxi cabs and family vehicles on file for 7 years.

Word DocumentSpecialized Taxi-Family Form


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