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Culture and Climate

Helping schools guarantee excellent, inclusive, and equitable learning for all.

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School Culture and Climate services are designed to facilitate the essential knowledge, skills, practices, and policies that empower all schools to develop school climates and cultures that support high levels of academic achievement for every student. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.

Culture and Climate Services

  • Culture is the collective beliefs, personality and practices (written and unwritten rules) that shape and influence every aspect of how an organization functions. More about culture services
  • Climate is the "feel" or general atmosphere of an organization that is determined by the collective mood, attitude, and morale of its people. More about climate services

Why Culture and Climate Matter

An effective school culture/climate is essential to ensuring that all students reach their potential. Ineffective climates diminish a staff’s collective efficacy and student learning. Inequitable cultures don’t allow ALL students to reach their educational goals. Understanding the difference between culture and climate is critical.

Professional Development