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Early Childhood

Portrait of a happy diverse group of preschool students in their classroom. The cute children are sitting in a line.

Wayne RESA is proud to be a partner working with school districts, agencies and families to best prepare young children for success in school and in life.  Our early childhood staff connect parents and service providers in Wayne County to resources and information. Please contact us if you have questions.

To make a referral for Special Education Supports, please use this form or call the Wayne RESA Referral Hotline: (734) 334-1393

Key Resources

Child & Parent Resources

Teaching Early Childhood Newsletters

Latest Edition - FALL 2023

Past Editions

TECh Ready to Bloom June 2023

Summer 2023

First page of the PDF file: WayneTEChReadyforPreschoolFall2022

Fall 2022

First page of the PDF file: WRESAGSRPTEChReadytoBloomJune2022

Summer 2022

First page of the PDF file: TEChReadyforaNewBeginningADACompliant

Fall 2021

First page of the PDF file: TEChReadytoBloom-Summer2021ADA

Summer 2021

First page of the PDF file: TEChReadyCozyComfortingWinter2021ADA1FINAL

Winter 2021

First page of the PDF file: TEChReadyforLearningFall20201120ADA1

Fall 2020


Sophia Lafayette-Lause

Executive Director of Early Childhood

Lisa Perugi

Special Education Early On/Early Intervention Consultant