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Teacher Tools

This web area is for the use of special education teachers and staff who instruct students with cognitive impairments. These students are receiving instruction based on the alternate achievement standards of the Common Core Essential Elements and/or the Michigan Extended Grade Level Expectations. The teacher tools located in this web area are developed by special educators through the Wayne RESA Common Core Essential Elements Alternate Achievement Project that began in 2012 -13 and is on-going. These tools and assessments are developed by teachers from special education center program teachers in Dearborn, Detroit, Garden City, Grosse Pointe, Lincoln Park, Livonia, Northville, Redford Union, Wayne-Westland, and Wyandotte. This web area is intended for teacher and staff to access as tools to support classroom instruction. For access to the teacher tools, contact your special education administrator or the Wayne RESA special education offices.

Common Core Essential Elements

Michigan Essential Elements and Range of Complexity

Math and ELA Essential elements are located at the Michigan Department of Education website.

At-a-Glance Common Core Essential Elements

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