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Assessment and Evaluation

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The assessment and accountability consultation staff provides a variety of resources to assist Wayne County Schools in the effective implementation of the Michigan education testing program, formative assessment, balanced assessment, Data Driven Dialogue and accountability requirements. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.

If you're looking for assessment resources for a specific content area, please visit one of these resource banks:

Professional Development

Additional Resources

Believe in What’s Possible: Using MAP Growth for High School

Wayne RESA's Complete Student Growth Guidance Doument.

You can download the entire document (PDF) or download individual sections below.

First page of: Section 1: Growth Models

Section 1: What are the different growth models?

First page of: Section 2: Developing and Selecting Assessments

Section 2: Which assessment should we choose?

First page of: Section 4: Standard Setting for Student Growth

Section 4: How do we set appropriate standards to measure student growth?

First page of: Section 5: Student Learning Objectives

Section 5: How do we implement the SLO process?

First page of: Section 6: Formative Assessment

Section 6: Formative assessment and teacher evaluation


Kelly Caltabiano

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1510

Dr. Joseph Musial

Titles: Assessment/Evaluation Consultant
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1528

Heather Rottermond

Titles: Instructional and Assessment Consultant
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1462

Zeinab Sleiman

Titles: Assistant for Internal Operations – Educational Services
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1624

Cindy Taraskiewicz

Titles: Instruction and Assessment Consultant
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1422

Mari Treece

Titles: Executive Director of Educational Services
Phone Numbers:
School: (734) 334-1384